Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition


The Natural History Museum in London is hosting the largest Charles Darwin exhibition yet to be organized. The event is in celebration of his 200th birthday in 2009, bringing into focus his revolutionary ideas and their impact on the world in the last two centuries. The “Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition” opened on November 14th, remaining open until April 19th 2009. You can book tickets in advance here.

Rare exhibits are on display, along with specimens and documents that had never been publicly shown. The event is centered around Darwin’s journey on board the HMS Beagle, being completed by showings of his work in London and in his Down House, Kent home.

One of the centerpieces is a recreation of Charles Darwin’s study from Down House. It is in that room that the genius refined his Theory of Evolution, studying pigeons and various plants. It was from here in 1859 that he shook the world with his ground-breaking work.

A slideshow of the exhibition is available on the Natural History Museum website.

The Museum offers after hours discussions about Charles Darwin and his work. Eminent speakers are said to participate in the events scheduled for the last Friday of every month, except December. The talks will be 18.30 – 20.00, advance booking required. Topics for the first two events are: First event 28 November: Can science ignore faith? and Second event 30 January: His ‘sacred cause’. More information about the discussions can be obtained on the Museum’s website.

I encourage anyone who will be in London during the exhibition to visit and explore the mind and works of probably the most important scientist the world has ever produced. I will visit the Natural History Museum next week and report back with details, but for now it is sufficient to say that this is one of the most important events of the year and a unique opportunity to gain some insight into Charles Darwin’s life and work.

You can download On The Origin of Species in Text or PDF format by visiting my post, all six editions available.

A short Biography of Charles Darwin can be found here or here.

Tickets and opening times for the exhibition:

10.00 – 17.30 daily
£9 adults, £4.50 children, £24 families, £6 concessions.
Free to members, patrons, and children aged 3 and under.