BBC: What Darwin Didn’t Know


¬†once again amazes with its aptitude to create fantastic documentaries. Narrated by Evolutionary biologist Professor Armand Marie Leroi of Imperial College London, “What Darwin Didn’t Know” explores how the great scientists’ theory “evolved” over the past 150 years, what new discoveries and ways of thinking have complemented his work and completed it, managing to explain most if not all the “gaps” in the original writings.

I have watched this documentary, and although I already knew some of the basics in it, I was still amazed at how well it’s been put together; in a coherent and easy to understand way. The last part of the film is extraordinary as it discusses how the theory is incomplete as it does not predict evolution, and that in the future we may be able to do so given enough data. Leroi points out how Evolution for now is a “history” of what took place, and like Newton’s work, we need a model which we can use to predict changes and limitations in Evolution.

I’ve found 4 links that I can share with you:

1. BBC iPlayer, which only streams video to UK-based users.

2. Torrent via Isohunt – requires torrent software and is illegal to download in most countries.